Stacktical turns load testing results into a report that helps you improve the scalability of your online software.

If you don't have the necessary load testing results, Stacktical Willitscale, our Docker Application, enables you to run a load test and a scalability in one, simple command.


  • An activated Stacktical account (sign up here if needed)
  • A Tech Stack representing your project
  • A configured Service in your Tech Stack

Docker Application parameters

If all requirements are met, the Tech Stack management screen should provide you with the credentials needed to use the Docker Application:



Slack user? We highly recommend that you link your Stacktical account to your Slack team in the Service section to share your Scalability Report on your configured channel every time you do a test.

Using Stacktical Willitscale, our Docker Application

Now that you have your Tech Stack project credentials and a Service identifier, you can run a load test and scalability test in one go with the Stacktical Docker Application.

First, download the container using:

docker pull stacktical/willitscale:latest

Then, use it like this:

docker run --rm \
  --ulimit nofile=32768:65536 \
  --name stacktical-willitscale stacktical/willitscale:latest

Replace everything between  {} with your own parameters.

Congratulations, your scalability test should be running by now!

Running a scalability test with every new release

Stacktical truly shines when integrated in your CI/CD pipeline.
Learn how to achieve Continuous Scalability Testing and generate a scalability report for every new software release here.

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